Congressperson admits he only works for himself


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In his defense, at least he is being honest.


“This is a service…”

He should look up that word.

1. the action of helping or doing work for someone.
"millions are involved in voluntary service"
synonyms: favor, kindness, good turn, helping hand



Mullin’s folks also used complete weasel works, claiming he isn’t a politician but a legislator.

No no no. The other party has politicians. Your own party has Statesmen.



I’m going to need to find an animated gif for this if I keep reusing it:

“The louder he spoke of his honer, the faster we counted our spoons”


Congressperson admits he only works for himself

It’s not like members of his party have to pretend they’re doing anything else anymore – their support for a president* who’s been operating on that basis his entire life made it clear enough.


In our system of representative democracy there is always tension in their roles as both representatives and leaders. The above paragraph is unfortunately pure obfuscatory nonsense and doesn’t add any illumination at all as to the congressman’s role and how he views it.

I also wish our culture could put to lie the notion of public “service”, regardless of what team they are on or what position they hold. They are performing a “public service” same as anyone who does any job. They just happen to get compensated more with power and benefits more than straight up salary.


Christ what an asshole…


I would hope this gets him kicked out come election time, but it is Oklahoma so he will probably be re-elected by the unwashed masses there.


It’s not just Oklahoma, lots of places vote based on nothing more than R vs. D and they think D == Devil while R == Good Person. It’s demoralizing.


Are you sure he didn’t mean “service” in the sense that a male dog services a female dog?


Yet another fine reason to NOT live in Oklahoma.


Politician, from the Greek πολίτης (politas) meaning citizenship, echoing the phrase of the people, by the people, for the people. It’s not a bad word.


Huh, so if all the taxes he paid over the years went solely to paying his salary and benefits now, someone really needs to get on him to pay the back taxes that cover all the government services he wasn’t previously paying for… or, you know, taxes don’t actually work that way.


Yeah, but the Greeks also came up with ‘liberal’ and ‘democracy’ so they’re obviously dirty godless foreigners…


What’s a Greek urn?

“What? Nothing! I don’t do this to earn respect! I pay myself and do what I want.”


Why speak for “our” culture about this? That certainly does not reflect the culture that I am part of. It is not a matter of compensation so much as it is motivation. If people acknowledge a difference between what is public and private - and it seems that most people do - then how are those domains the “same”? Corrupt people obfuscating the distinction does not explain it away.

Better to just de-legitimize and replace those who hold office while acting for private interests. There are ways that it can be done.