Console Living Room, play many of your 70s and 80s console favorites



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Gee, thanks. Now I’ll NEVER get any sleep.


Wow, they even have an Odyssey 2 emulator. As a kid, I wanted an Atari 2600 but my mom bought me the Odyssey 2 because it had a keyboard and she thought it would be better for “learning”. The 2600 had better games but the Odyssey 2 did have a keyboard…so, yeah, it had that.



I’m surprised there are not copyright issues preventing this, especially as many of these games are still being sold as part of the Atari flashback system.

They have emulators for almost all old stuff now. :slight_smile:

The Atari 2600 is ironically somewhat difficult to emulate quickly, so a fast machine is a big help.

lolwut? Only because you’re running the emulator through a browser for some reason. I remember emulating the Atari 2600 on a 486 with no problem.

That’s why the C64 sold so well. We ALL told our parents we needed it for ‘learning’. (One of my evil plans that actually worked.)

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