Unreal Tournament for Atari 2600

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Nice - but it’s no Tank Pong.

Damn I should fire up Scratch and write my own Tank Pong.


They “demade” a game to run on a 2600, but failed to provide a way to port it to an actual Atari 2600? Color me disappoint. Couldn’t all those ET cartridges found in the Arizona desert a few years back be reprogrammed with something a smidge less frustrating?

[Yes, I do still have a functioning Atari 2600 laying around. Don’t look at me like that.]


Kind of reminds me of Marshmallow Duel from the 90s… that was fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiCX-j4UIYA

The page specifically says:

Of course, the game was made to run on a physical Atari 2600, but as a cartridge release is still on the horizon, the only current means to get the ROM onto your 2600/VCS is by use of a utility like the Harmony cartridge

The setup on that page was not comfortable for me to read. I skimmed, and missed this plan to eventually release a cartridge.

I for one am looking at you IN AWE :slight_smile:


I’ll be over shortly. I’ll bring booze and pizza! :wink:


Hellz to the yeah! Lemme scrounge an CRT off the curb on my way home so we can do it rite in full analog!

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