Contest: create a new kind of science kit for kids

Yup. It’s SO hard to get hold of precursors these days…

Funny story. Here in the Land Of The Free, you have to go to the pharmacy, provide state ID, and sign the “I’m probably a bad, criminal, meth-cook; but not as cool as Walter White or anything.” registry in order to get the sudafed for your sniffles.

My Sweet, sweet, racemic dextroamphetamine salts, on the other hand? Call ahead to be sure they are ready, $5 at the counter, and have a good evening, sir!

You mean the dex which was prescribed by a doctor who’s registered with the DEA, and whose unique identifier is associated to your prescription, and whom you (or your insurer) need to pay for the privilege of getting a script? Is that somehow supposed to be better?

The whole meth registry nonsense is a compromise between OTC and Rx-only; there is actually a lobby for the latter.

Also: isn’t “racemic dextro-” a contradiction in terms? Racemic means a 1:1 mix of chirality.

Ah …Radio Shack. Remember Heath Kits? Two of my friends when I was a kid built their own ham radios that way.

And remember when Scientific American was actually about real science? Each month there was a profect, building a laser or telescope from scratch. Such a great magazine in its day.

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That’s actually a great idea. Basically, it would work the same as a parent buying a giftcard for Maker Shed, but instead of it being one site it would link to dozens of sites where you could buy kits and supplies and stuff. You’d be giving the kid a $50 gift certificate for general “scientist supplies.”

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