Cool animated examples of the Muller-Lyer illusion

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It’s all in your noodle:

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All of these rely on adjusting the negative space, creating a “shape” that does grow and shrink, bringing the line with it in our minds.

Isn’t it messing with the way the brain interpolates 3D shapes? We see lines join at an angle and the brain adjusts for the fact that the thing we’re looking at isn’t square to our field of view. We “know” that it’s bigger than it appears because it is at an angle.

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Strange I thought this was the Mueller-Liar illusion:


Keep those GIFs coming, Mark!

BTW, I am really, really annoyed I missed the Escher exhibition a couple of years ago. Anyone knows if there is going to be a good one any time soon anywhere in western central Europe?

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Visitor: Excuse me, where can I find the Escher exhibition?
Docent: (suppressing snicker) Right up those stairs, sir.



Just don’t try that gag for the bathrooms.

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I call BS. The lines ARE shortening and lengthening. The center of the line may be fixed, but the flapping arrows are occluding the sides of the lines, making them shorter and longer. This illusion is poorly rendered.

Cool metaphor for the deep state :smile:

Lisbon or Leeuwarden any good for you?

Thanks for the tip; Leeuwarden isn’t that far for me.

I saw the Escher exhibition at the Max Ernst Museum1) two years ago, and it was a treat!

1) Well worth a visit on it’s own, plus they usually have interesting exhibitions.

Lisbon sounded good. Got friends there I’d like to visit anyway. However, can’t go until maybe September.

Work is piling.
I just checked on Leuwaarden, maybe I can make it there.

That’s the one I missed. I also missed the Lynch exhibition, and I’m definitely still pissed about it.

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