Cool claymation video and tutorials for making your own


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He’s good.


Oh hey, he’s the same guy who did Euphoria. The style reminds me of another claymation that I can’t find, in which various body parts (hands, feet, eyeballs) gradually gathered in a room until they finally formed a person (who could barely fit in the room?). Anyone know which it was?

Edit: Ah! It’s Darkness Light Darkness by Jan Svankmajer


You should check out more Svankmajer! I suggest starting with Dimensions of Dialogue.


Lovely, lovely stuff, this.


Obligatory link to Art Clokey’s Mandala, proving that the 60’s were very very, very good to the creator of Gumby.

No one traces the evolution of consciousness from primordial slime through hippies frolicking in a meadow (in clay) like Clokey…


Closed Mondays is another classic of the genre

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