Deeply weird animation of a clay man assembling himself


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I remember watching that at a “Spike & Mike” animation festival when it first came out. At the point when the guy was just a head with hands and feet someone yelled “No Neck Joe!” to the amusement of the audience. (Some animation geeks will probably get the reference.)


When I read the title, this was exactly the film I thought of!


Very Czech.


Original footage of the birth of @shaddack?


clay stop-motion is great! not the same level of weirdness but I like this one


Oh I so miss Spike & Mike and the other animation festivals. Stupid video on the internet ruining the secret clubs of having seen things…grumble… get off my lawn.


If you like that, you should definitely check out his version of “Alice in Wonderland”.


Still superb!



Ah, but where did the original hand come from? I’m sure you secular humanists are going to say evolution made it.


I think that what made/makes such clubs special is that most people who would actually go would be interested, which is what made for better events, community, and conversation. Whereas posting the same stuff onto YouTube will yield 75% rude frivolity. Getting to see such work presented by people who love and make it can be more of an education.


Jan Svankmajer is one of the greatest animators in the history of the medium, right up there with Yuri Norstein, Masaaki Yuasa, and Lotte Reiniger, to be sure.

Anyone who enjoyed this should definitely Czech out his other surreal shorts, as well as his feature films, which typically blended live action and stop-motion animation in inventive ways. His Alice in Wonderland is streaming on Netflix US, and is wonderful. Little Otik is a strange delight (and a perfect antidote to that Timothy Green movie from years back).

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