When Bambi met Godzilla

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I remember the days when you had to buy a ticket to Spike and Mike’s Festival of Animation to see this film. Pity somebody used such a spoiler-y preview image for the video.


Found a version that doesn’t have a spoiler thumbnail. : ) Thanks for the suggestion!


HaHa! Nostalgia flashback! My very first independently created computer program was an Ascii Art recreation of Bambi vs Godzilla on the TRS80 model 3. Must have been around 1981-1982 when I was in 9th grade.


It was in some animation reel that my parents got for their film series back in the early '80s: pretty sure not Spike and Mike: the rest of it was arty enough.


i remember watching this in film class in high school. the title came up, we all laughed, and then it ended and we all went, lol-wha? that’s it?? haha


Many midnight viewings at a local theater, alongside other quirky animated fare, usually with THANK YOU MASKED MAN on the same bill…


This was included on the old “Hardware Wars” VHS tapes, I remember seeing it when I was pretty young. Then for many years at Spike and Mike’s.


I think my fave from the festival circuit was No Neck Joe.

I saw the title and immediately had Thank You Mask Man run through my head! My dad used to steal Showtime back in the days when entertainment had just exploded past three channels and for some reason this and Mask Man were played repeatedly. It warped my fragile little mind in a mostly good way.


Marv is still alive and making animations, albeit not Bambi Meets Godzilla. Here is CMYK in online RGB from the NFB-ONF from a few years back:

He’s been and (I think) still is a remarkable force in the Vancouver based animation scene since before Vancouver had a real TV/Video production base.

Obvious example: he was also involved in the underground hit Lupo the Butcher:

The director/animator Danny Antonucci would go on to much greater fame for Ed, Edd and Eddy.


Where’s that animation of I WILL SURVIVE that ends with a monster stomp? (Sorry, I can’t quote URLs on this tablet.)

Distributing Youtube videos used to be really expensive and difficult…before YouTube. Making silly shorts could cost thousands in film developing and running prints for distribution. OTOH, now people spend a grand to give their kid a phone that they’ll break…

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13 posts in and nobody yet mentioned Terry Gilliam? Did his predate this or did it predate his version of the giant foot-stomp?

The first time I saw this was at a science fiction convention in the late 70’s. I also seem to remember a Bambi’s Revenge, but maybe that is just wishful thinking as I can’t seem to find it now.

http://www.weirdwildrealm.com/f-bambi-meets-godzilla.html agrees with you that Bambi’s Revenge once existed - and the author of that article also mentions not being able to find it any more. I, too, remember seeing it.

There was a CGI short made in 1999 called Son of Bambi Meets Godzilla but the critical and popular consensus was that it lacked the charm of its predecessor.

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And that’s not what we had in mind. It was a pencil animation entitled Bambi’s Revenge and rumoured to have been done by Frank Wetzel.

My dad told me how they screened this at the premiere of the Quest for the Holy Grail. Amazing that this piece has that kind of staying power and was lumped in with another classic.

If you like the Bambi cartoon … maybe you’d like this? My favourite cartoon and only one minute long, from Birdbox Studio in the UK. It still makes me jump and I’ve seen it many times.

and here’s another from the same studio - both 2012 I think - someone having a bad day. Just over a minute.