Flash Gordon (1980)


And then there’s this…


I couldn’t be more happy that it was a discussion with me that prompted that post. I love Flash Gordon as much today as I did when I was four.


Campy as it is, I think it still holds up. But I’m also blinded by deep nostalgia – HBO had this on heavy rotation in the early '80s and it became a staple of my childhood. Of course it became one of the first DVDs I bought.

Even as a kid, I remember finding it weird that Ming had never heard of Earth, “an obscure body in the S-K system,” yet when they cut to a shot of his ‘dashboard of disasters,’ nestled between options for “Hot Hail” and “Typhoon” is a button clearly labeled “Earth Quake.”


Oh totally. I’ve seen this movie about 50 times, maybe more (thanks, HBO). When I got the blu-ray and, I’ll admit it, enjoyed an herbal remedy (which I hadn’t in years because of anxiety) it was a religious experience. Being a massive Queen fan doesn’t hurt, either. Then I saw “Ted” a week later and thought, “Seth MacFarlane could possible have been my brother.” I’ma go watch this again right now.


Never noticed that! I was always too busy trying to say “Earth” like Ming.

“Flash! ooh-aah-aah Frickin’ Awe-ah-some.”


removes fist from stump

I like how the soundtrack was used in Observe and Report.


Klytus, are your men on the right pills?

Maybe you should execute their trainer.


This is the greatest movie of all time. Of all time!
Flash! Ah AH!..

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The spoof “Flesh Gorden” was pretty good. Not even really a porno, as it had harrysausen type stop motion creatures and somewhat decent low budget sets. The Penisaurus was especially good.


There is no way Flash wouldn’t start ahead of Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith this season.

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I saw it at the drive-in. Fantastic! Nothing else compares.

Am I the only one old enough to have seen this in the theater? Kind of feels like when I spoke up in film class, having to contradict the professor – that yes, at least one of us had seen Star Wars on opening day.


Nope, I saw it - a German dub, of course - back then, too. Also The Empire Strikes Back.

Every time someone mentions Flash, I think about The Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Smashers_of_the_Galaxy_Rangers). Brilliant spoof of Flash, especially the ending with the kiss.

Now off to have a breakfast with a slice of toast and some Cheddite.

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Wow, that had to be interesting.

I also saw it in a theater at the time. Two things stick out for me:

  1. Queen’s music was an integral part of their marketing for this film. Every commercial featured the tagline: “Music by Queen!” I think it’s too bad other films don’t do that.
  2. When [SPOILER ALERT] Flash kills Ming (duh), Ming bleeds green blood!

And regarding that bog-beast coming-of-age ritual: http://oglaf.com/riteofpassage/ (it’s oglaf, so nsfw)


even weirder, they’re speaking to each other in flawless English.

anyway, I think the days of this type of rich, opulent mise-en-scene are long gone, which is the real star of Flash Gordon. You just don’t see eye-candy like that anymore unless it’s CG, which can be cool, but it’s not the same thing.