1980's Flash Gordon tee-shirt


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Go, Flash, go!

[the movie is nothing without Brian Blessed, of course:



Is this shirt officially licensed?


That football egg thing is like …magic. What’s it made out of, I wonder?




Came here for the Melody Anderson and Brian Blessed. I am a happy camper.


Who can forget Ornella Muti and her crotch daggers?

What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name

I am sure that it was probably approved by somebody in some office, somewhere.


Holding out for a War Rocket Ajax model.








No, I’m not going to buy that. But there’s enough detail there for me to MAYBE clone a flying model rocket. Might have to move the wings back for stability.



Shouldn’t be difficult. I’ve observed some pretty bizarre shit launched with (enough) Estes engines, pretty much anything that’s longer than it is wide.


I thought about this for about 3 milliseconds.
Then realized this seriously wouldn’t work if you’re middle age man with a bit of a pot belly. Or even a young man with a bit of belly. Who isn’t blond and doesn’t have nice biceps or abs.
Basically, the market for this shirt is either very hot muscular young people or very sad old geeks.


Look if you want to buy something. And I’m not connected with this guy…except he donated one of the “Wizard of Oz” posters to a AIDS event I was connected too…(I asked he donated).

I have one and it’s very good. Tho, you might want to ‘age it’ with strong tea stains and folding etc to take the ‘new’ off it.
Let him know that you heard about it from a guy that got a OZ poster donated for a HIV charity auction. I feel bad because that one didn’t go for more than retail…but hey…auctions are like that, and it wasn’t displayed properly.


Exactly how I misread the title of the post


I remember seeing it in the theatre, and loving the music.
Also- Chaim Topol !



Listen here to another side of Brian Blessed.


“Sorry, you need Flash to play this.”



Another reason to wear this shirt: