Cool infographic: Visualizing the paths of migrating humans


These graphs look almost exactly like the visualations in the Infinite Jukebox

Talk about cryptic. That’s a great example of a terrible graph. Can you tell the major areas of emigration? Can you see any asymmetries? Even using the interactive mode doesn’t help much. Did they actually get this published? Are the numbers available? A spreadsheet would be easier to extract patterns and information from.

I just realized, that it’s even worse than I thought. A lot of the lines are thinner in the middle than at the ends. Are these generation ships? Do people die enroute and a new generation arrives? Is this really just macrame?

I agree. Putting the fat ones on a world map, and forgetting the skinny ones, would be much easier to read. And arrowheads! These are vectors, right?

Yes – they appear to be made with Circos. As a genomicist where Circos plots are all the rage at the moment, I agree that they are terrible at actually conveying anything other than “gee, our data set sure is complicated!”. Where’s Edward Tufte when you need him?

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