Stock market data illustrated as landscapes: Stoxart

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This is exactly the sort of thing Edward Tufte would rail against.

Is this what these Instagram postgasms look like to everyone else? Why a full size image holder if they’re going to be obfuscated?

I get the same thing, but only on my one device with Facebook Container installed in Firefox to isolate FB from my other data. On my work PC it shows up normally. If you’re using any extensions or blockers that affect Facebook and associated sites, that might be the issue.

I’m seeing that cliff in a lot of places…

Mhh. Quite nice, but I had kinda hoped for something with more depth, sorta like a landscape viewed from an airplane. 3D-ish.

I get that too, I figured it was because I don’t have an IG account and they don’t want to show me content if they can’t track me.

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