I like xkcd’s chart better :smile:

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Graph is too clear, requires obfuscation.


Super fun. This comment has 70 letters, four numerals, five punctuation marks and 14 spaces.

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I’m leaving that tab open for spite. Don’t tell me what to do chart!

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This is a good xkcd-style joke, but on boingboing people will probably just scroll past it when they get the joke rather than close a tab. Someone should do a version of this that’s on its own page, and that actually auto-updates based on how long people stay on the page.


Is the shape of the curve significant? Are axes linear, log, loglog? What’s the maximum? Am I overanalysing this? So many questions.

But only because it lacks a serial comma.

I didn’t find a link. Is this just a humorous image, or an actual chart that’s updated by analyzing how long people actually keep the tab open?

You still fit into the chart. Sorry.

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For certain tabs, the chart runs the other way. The longer the tab is open, the less likely I am to close it. Email and BB, for example, never get closed.

Yes, yes you are.

If this was xkcd, the graph would be live and based on session data. Actually there’s an idea - a generated webcomic unique for each user.

The word “lacks” implies one should be there.

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