XKCD's security meltdowns for the coming year


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It would indeed be disturbing if Numpy can factor prime numbers. Regardless if it does it in O(log(N)) or not.



Doesn’t include the mouse-over text. Sometimes the best part of the comic is hidden in the mouse-over. You might otherwise never know about the trench coats.


Message from FBI:
Stay right where you are.


The “mouse-over text” is the tooltop about which Cory wants to remain mum.


If I didn’t keep her under tight control, my last dog would race into basketball games and steal the ball. It made obedience training her at the local schoolyard problematic.


From last week until today, I was getting an invalid cert warning from Chrome when I visited the xkcd website. This is the first time I’ve gotten in without being forced to click “Go ahead and infect my computer at [untrusted cert] website.” Um… Thanks Corey?


He’s not wrong.


Am I the only person who finds xkcd 95% unfunny and 118% insufferable?


Have you tried having it explained to you?


If I weren’t such a magnanimous person, and it turns out I’m not, I would suggest that the existence of such a wiki validates my impression that the need to have it explained to them is why people are determined to find xkcd clever and witty. It’s basically Family Guy, but with less effort to pretend that its self-congratulatory references constitute comedy.





You compared xkcd to Family Guy. You are dead to me.


Maybe you’re just not the target audience?


There are at least four other people known to have similar views, but we’re keeping you in separate countries to stop you breeding.


Most of the times I actually have the relevant background knowledge, I find XKCD somewhere between rather droll and PMSL.

The rest of the time it’s pretty obvious I’m not in on the joke. It’s kind of the whole point; as nerd humour it has to be inaccessible to most.


The only subset of humor accessible to all are dad jokes.


Like Christmas cracker crap; the bar’s so low, the response from 95% is a groan.


Working as intended.