Cool sculpture creates moiré pattern when viewed


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From XKCD, of course:


Doesn’t this cause epilepsy or liberalism? It’s clear they don’t want to tell us anything except in videos. Doesn’t anybody wonder why that might be?


A bunch of clear lines on black moire’d with a bunch of other lines slowly rotating

A bunch of clear lines on black along roads moire’d with a bunch of junk = car headlights down the road.




It’s a moiré interference pattern, but I don’t think it has anything to do with the double-slit experiment.


Sure it does, from the link in the article:
Combining periodic patterns including waves involves the same mathematical phenomena.


Okay, they’re related in that sense, but the single/double-slit experiment demonstrates the dual wave/particle nature of light. Two overlapping screens creating a moiré don’t.


I bet it still creates the pattern when not viewed.

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