Check out this cool Japanese slit animation

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Neat. They did covers like this one I think the Robin 2 comic mini series.

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I have seen comics use lenticular covers that “moved”.
Doomsday Clock #1 made Rorschach’s mask do the squiggly thing. I’m pretty sure there are many other examples, but I’m not sure that lenticular plastic printing is the same thing. could be same principal as the moire type that involves two screens.

anybody else know more?

No, it was slit animation. Just like this. It had the slits on top as plastic and you moved an image under it… I swear it was a Robin Miniseries from the 90s but I am having trouble tracking it down… I may be misremembering the series… so many gimmick covers.

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AHA! It is Robin - only Robin III - I’m not senile yet?

Man - hard to find pics…

OH - this shows two different charters I think as you move it back and forth.

Here someone made a video of the covers- but not in action.


wow! way more complicated than lenticular. that’s really cool!


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