Artist warps landscapes into Inception-style images

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I’m in ur fotoz, giving u stomach churning vertigo

I recall seeing the 1st part of that excerpt within the teasing trailer promoting Inception before its release and instantly salivating to see the movie.

Unlike most flicks, in which their trailers seem to include virtually the only parts worth seeing, it’s a testament to Christopher Nolan that the movie far exceeded even the heightened expectations sown by the trailer scenes.

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Now flatten Lombard Street!

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i think this may be part of it but i’m pretty sure a drone was used to rotate the camera 90 degrees. not a very technical procedure but a stunning result! i wonder if we’ll start seeing this trending in the near future.


Whether you move the camera or the subject or both it’s all a form of slit-scan. You still have to assemble the footage into a frame through many small masks.


The effect was first achieved by the Here & There maps from 2009 which Inception seems to have borrowed from:

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