Angled satellite shots make earth's landmarks look like tiny dioramas

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All the 3D scanner hounds out there are rubbing their hands in glee now!
Google and Apple provide “iFly” view in 3, 2, 1…

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I don’t care what anybody says…In no way can Houston ever be called “charming”.



For those wondering what this technique is called. It’s used often to simulate this miniature look.


It’s true that this kind of look is associated with tilt-shift photography, but I think they’re just using a very powerful zoom lens in this case. Zoom lenses flatten the perspective so that objects will barely diminish in size as they recede in space. Just like looking through binoculars or how in sports photography players on one end of the field will appear the same size as those at the other. This can be very strange looking since it’s not something we typically see with the naked eye… For instance, you would get the same effect if you stood on a mountain and could see a distant city with maximum fidelity.

Tilt shift photography is a bit different, since it uses tilt-sift lenses to change the angle of the film back or sensor relative to the lens (or vice versa). It’s typically done to straighten out one or two planes of perspective, often to make buildings seem perfectly vertical in a photograph. The “toy city” look comes from the side-effect that since the focus plane is at an angle to the film back, if you’re using a wide aperture you can get a stylized selective focus effect that you’d never normally get with a zoom lens on distant objects. There doesn’t seem to be any selective focus in these images though.

Sorry if I just repeated exactly what you meant :confused:


Although Osaka is dense, no?

Could all be techno gibberish though…

She always was…


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Nothing to contribute except to say that I love this type of satellite photo. They remind me a little of vintage “3D” cartoonish novelty maps of cities you used to see that highlighted all of the local landmarks.

Here’s an example, though it’s not too detailed:

Some people are still making them:

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I noted that on a landing at jfk while I had my camera in my pocket :frowning:

So that’s how far away from Houston you have to view it from before it can be called “charming”…


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