Cool way to index your notebooks


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Or, you can put them on cards and notch the edges…


Several of the Whole Earth Catalogs (e.g. The Whole Earth Epilogue) use this technique.


pure genius! where has this been all my life!


This is a longstanding bookmaker’s technique, known as an Edge index.

(Sometimes called a “thumb index”, but not to be confusexd with the Thumb index that’s also known as a “cut-in index”, which involves thumb notches actually cut into the page edges.)

See also: Edge-notched cards, the basis of the “knitting-needle computer.”


I fold up a page into a triangle for permanent divisions, but I’m going to start doing this with journals.


Did you know we now have automatic data-processing machines that can accomplish the same feat in a flash? It’s true!


Ha! And I was all proud because I started cutting the corner off of used pages in my log so I could thumb to the current page quickly.


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