Make a notebook from a brown paper bag


You can get a padding compound…a type of glue that’s can the edges of scraps of paper into pads.

One place I worked–this was a ‘make work’ thing during slow days and we’d use the paper cutter to cut up scrap paper into sizes and make note sized pads.

People also use this to make pads of fresh dollar bills to pull off for tips or give a pad of bills for a gift.

A Moleskine Data Specialist will be along shortly to expunge this aberrant post and all linked ephemera.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

(DIY binding is great, esp. easy & quick varieties such as the referenced)

Oh, that would be a risky move: Does Moleskine have enough Moleskine cred to go up against an artisinal notebook that is functional, personalized, and an authentic expression of the ambient material culture of its owner?

I sense a brutal no-holds-barred throwdown outside an independent coffeehouse in the immediate future…


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