Cop charged with assault after beating "jaywalking" pedestrian

They’re bad cops.


Nah, you’re still a righteous dude. Even Lenny Bruce bombed occasionally.


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There is absolutely nothing new in this behavior. The new thing here, is the cameras. It’s slightly less awful to have police cameras catching this stuff, than civilian cell phone cameras, and that’s the only reason I can imagine that police agencies even bother with this kind of surveillance.

I cannot imagine what could possibly make this situation meaningfully better, short of a complete re-structuring from the ground up, of every police agency nationwide. They’ve really only ever had to earn the trust of the 1%, so there’s not much credibility for them to build on.


It’s amazing how many people don’t realize the only that’s changed is the presence of cameras (which, if anything, makes this bad behavior less likely).

I do think that’s what needed. I don’t think anything less will make much of a difference for such a deeply-rooted, ubiquitous problem. Federal oversight of policing, too, including some sort of national standards of training and behavior (and blacklists of disgraced cops, so they can’t just jump to another department).


Police radio chatter: “Crime is up. We need more arrests. Just bag anyone.”

… And the mice all agreed that yes, indeed, life would be better for everyone if the cat were made to wear a bell. The question no one had an answer for, was, “who shall bell the cat?”



Ask your son why in hell it’s merely “possible”, rather than a) expected b) the norm c) what he is paid for, mostly

Ask him if he wants his pilot or surgeon to give as many fucks as he does, and ask him to answer as the professional he considers himself. Thin blue nonsense.

That’s very harsh, and very unfair. I’ve watched him personally deescalate a situation where a drunk had a rifle trained on him. He talked the guy down, took the rifle from his hands, calmly cuffed the guy, and never drew his weapon. Most cops would have shot the guy first, and asked questions later. So, for you to casually judge how many “fucks someone gives”, perhaps you should know who you’re talking about first.

By the way, those were my words, not his.


Right? Holy fucking shit. When I saw the headline I was like “Oh, this was in Greenville, Greensboro, Triangle, Charlotte, maybe Wilmington…” but ASHEVILLE god damn. For those who aren’t familiar with NC, Asheville is a city up in the mountains that I’ve never heard a bad thing about, has lots of hippies, all the other fun stuff. My friend learned how to play chess from a homeless guy there: like, homeless guy just carries around a chess board downtown and offers to teach people how to play.

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A few years ago, when a NC state legislator denounced Asheville as a"cesspool of sin", Ashevillains responded appropriately:

I honestly thought the cops would be more laid back like the rest of the town.


Why is only one cop being charged? It looked to me like I saw more than one cop holding the citizen down and other cops controlling the scene to make sure the assault to go on undisturbed.
Looks like the whole bunch of apples got spoiled and they just tossed out the first rotten one and expect us to keep buying bad apples.

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