St Louis cops indicted for beating up a "protester" who turned out to be an undercover cop


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The prosecutor who failed Lamar and jury who acquitted Stockley also deserve to be in prison.


So many layers of wtf in this one…

Since this is nominally “blue on blue” there would be a small possibility of justice being served.

But since the undercover cop was black, well…

I just can’t even


St. Louis, Missouri, has a lot to answer for. It’s hard to pinpoint where to start.

Maybe you already knew this part.
How about this bizarre piece of culture: The Veiled Prophet Fair? It was rebranded in the 1990s to “broaden appeal.” Good luck with that…

Don’t get me started on their culture of casual and completely normalized violence for profit either. That town has been part of the U.S. military-industrial complex for more than half a century. It rides one helluva well-oiled, deadly gravy train that well gosh darn just makes good solid revenue for St. Louisans and the megacorporations they have sold themselves to.


Appalling, if not surprising, that any St. Louisans today are still willing to be associated with a fair started by white supremacist blue bloods with a KKK fetish, new name or not.


How many civlians were brutalized without recourse before these thugs happened on another officer?


Just finished watching RBG, a documentary about Notorious Ruth. She talks about how when arguing cases about sex discrimination before the Supreme Court (before she was elected), her main goal was to convince these white males that discrimination actually exists. They really didn’t seem to get it.

Same with cops I think. They just don’t see the harm they are causing. Until of course it happens to them. As a devotee of videos of police acting badly, the most entitlement you will ever see is when two police officers who don’t work together are arguing with each other. Respect my authoritah!


Well, that’s just what happens when your paid hooligans run into your paid snitches slash agents provocateurs

Hamburg 2017

Berlin 2011

Hamburg 2002

edit: this has to be my favourite:
Cologne, 2018. Two cops badly beat a colleague when off duty and drunk.
When questioned, one of them said he “just enacted a reflex that was trained into me”.



who cares if they were black, white, good, or evil? the preponderance of brutality by cops is against black people - without a doubt. the escape seems to be - well, black neighborhoods are crime ridden, or “i was scared”, maybe "i thought they had a gun’ - but it all puts the question of doubt out there. as if maybe there was a reason.

cops have - and the statistics show it - a bizarrely safe job. where most deaths happen because of road side traffic accidents.

cops shoot and, or beat up people because racism. but they shouldn’t be doing either. at all. to anyone.

zero tolerance. that’s the mindset that needs to be cultivated.

we and they are all “civilians”. we and they need to start figuring that out.


They should have a safe word for stuff like this.


Reminds me of an old TV-show where the cop visit a BDSM-club hunting for answers and try to rough up one of the customers who just reply that “The difference between us is that when I do stuff like that I know it’s just a game”.


The fair is now just a generic one. No association with the VP group. Period.


That’s good, but one wonders why they didn’t just create a new fair without tying it to the history of the old one. Oh well, progress is progress.


There has to be some way to get people who aren’t assholes to want to be police officers, to actually “serve and protect”, but it’s like some feedback loop where power hungry jerks are drawn to law enforcement and make it alluring for the next generation of jerks.


This is why, if I happened upon a police officer getting a beatdown by civilians, I would never interfere. If I were anywhere near that beatdown, when his cop friends arrived on the scene I might be assumed to be harming their cop co-worker. Fuck the poleece.


St Louis’s finest, ladies and gentlemen. Long may they continue to act as a role model for the youth of America.



It’s not just that. Being a honest cop in an organized criminal gang like a US police force is dangerous and refusing to murder civilians is one of the few things that can actually get them canned.


Double secret irony.


Not sure whether to see this outcome as hopeful, or just rage that a cop gets fired for not shooting a black man, despite determining him to be not a threat. In response to the “Why can’t we get ‘not assholes’ to be cops,” this is probably a factor.


@GulliverFoyle obviously beat me to this one. Sigh.