St Louis Police Riots


Another one that deserves its own thread. This is still an ongoing event.

For the first time, a US president has classified the legal justification for taking publicly acknowledged actions


Fucking call in the national guard. The police are out of control. We should at least stomp out the civil unrest being perpetrated by the cops with people who are trained on clear and strict rules of engagement.


Rebelutionary Z, one of the best of the street activist journalists, currently on the ground in STL:


in the age of mobile devices virtually everywhere which double as audio and video recorders, people who argue that police and police training aren’t a major part of the problem have made themselves blind to reality. society should apologize to all people of color for doubting the veracity of their reports of police brutality over the decades–they’ve been proved beyond a reasonable doubt at this moment in history.




At this point, it’s proved beyond the shadow of a doubt. It’s obvious and for people to say otherwise makes them either too stupid to be at the grownups table, or liars.



It’s getting better, but the people on the ground really seem to lack the organization to deal with police threats. Their power is not the badge it is their radio, radio, radio. That is how they box protesters in time and again. These people need tactical support!