Footage shows Louisville police shooting pepper rounds at news crew

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It’s almost as if three years of the “president” saying the media is public enemy number 1 has something to do with it. Same as saying protesters are thugs and the bullets should fly.


It’s exacerbated an existing problem. Although Cheetolini didn’t make US policing fascist, he’s committed to destroying what few civil liberties Americans have clawed from authoritarians over the past few generations.


What’s the source of the quoted paragraph in this story? I see statements that WAVE 3 is an NBC affiliate and a CBS affiliate.

Meanwhile in Minneapolis:


Are they the same pepper rounds the PRC are using on protestors in Hong Kong?


rubber bullets killed a woman when the Red Sox won the world series, they are not fun and games…and should probably be illegal.


For recalcitrant friends and fam:


Said as much in another post elsewhere:

And no repercussions will happen despite the evidence.


There are 2 Americas now. Trump rewards only his supporters who make up one America, of mostly ignorant white people, and the other America gets treated like they don’t even deserve to live.

Even though right now there are buildings burning down and a lot of damage to infrastructure being done as compared to the nutjobs with guns threatening lawmakers earlier- the image is still clear to me.

People with guns and assault equipment can storm a statehouse, threaten police, block traffic and be called good people and get barely any response, while people who start peacefully but get the national guard called on them after a lot of damage is done.

I still side with Floyd’s protestors, but I do see some differences. It’s an imbalance- right now, protesters are getting over policed and attacked, along with news crews, where the far right gun nuts from earlier basically got treated to a complete free pass and encouraged by the president to revolt.

There is a cultural scism evident here- and it’s odious name is Trump.

The last 4 years have amplified the wrongs of police militarization and police worship, strongarm tactics, and a culture of unquestioning obedience to authority, while demonizing the press as the enemy of the American people.

This is what that gets you. Fucked.


U.S. vs. other neo-authoritarian regimes (e.g. Chile) = same difference.
Since some policemen are former military personnel, they react like they are in a warzone.


I agree with you but for one thing…it’s not just Trump. As you say, this regime is amplifying a current that has existed for centuries. US police have been out of control for decades…or rather, in the control of moneyed white power interests. The Occupy movement was frequently fired upon by police in riot gear. I have seen tear gas & rubber bullets fired straight into the crowd just like those reporters saw. During Occupy Oakland, an Iraq War veteran took a “non-lethal projectile” to the skull & was severely injured.


There have been two Americas since dos Passos’ time, and probably quite a ways before then. It’s only times like now that people start to take notice and take action.


Oh, FFS! This playing dumb is getting so old. Nobody’s fooled by it any more even if they once were. Mangolini has been saying the quiet parts loud for years now, quit pretending!


To make sure they receive maximum attention the police also fired on foreign journalists:


The cops were staunchly defending the protesters’ right to privacy?

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You’re absolutely correct. Seen the same things.

There is almost a cult now behind police and military worship.

I see professional security detail in my local grocer wearing backwards flag badges, and all the colors are black and shades of grey. Actually got freaked out when I saw that on a professional- was wondering if it meant some facet of this was being normalized to even official uniforms.

Then there’s the countless variations of stripes and modified flags people are coming up with. Already a blue line thru 2 black means they support police blindly, in a few more years an entire set of geometric symbols and alternative flags will mean an entire arcane orthodoxy of authoritarian worship, like a new religion


Cell phones make a difference. We have footage of white guys starting the window breaking in Minneapolis. I hope BLM gets organized and captures more of that.

FYI: the ACLU has an app that uploads to their servers, geo- and time-tagged, that you can install.


Well, three, when divide-and-conquering slavers got rid of indentured servitude and convinced poor whites to overlook class difference in favor of racial difference. Hell, they even enlisted some poor whites to oversee black enslaved Africans. All because white people falsely think they have more in common with other white people than they do with people who aren’t classified as white.