Cops have a secret, unaccountable system for tracking you by your cellphone, and they abuse it like crazy







Objection. Having a phone in flight mode still means being able to communicate on the go. Every now and then, I check for missed call and I call back whenever it suits me. When I know there’s an important call incoming, I switch the flight mode off for that period of time. Plus I have all the other conveniences of a mobile phone, only without the hassle.


Modern phones often leave wifi on in airplane mode. Wifi can give plenty of location info.


It seems like this service exclusively runs off of cell tower connection info somehow, though, so even if your phone, and Google, still have enough info from WiFi data to place you at a pretty precise spot on the map, your phone wouldn’t be communicating with the cell towers, and therefore, they’d have to go to Google, which, while they’re not the steadfast privacy defenders they claim to be, and most people unfortunately believe them to be, it’s still a much more involved and slower system which can’t be abused by simply clicking a checkbox that makes you super duper swear you’re being lawful.



See all these photos of bananas are great at keeping the discussion of state and police abuse of technology to a minimum.

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So what you’re saying is that you don’t believe it is plausible, and also you’d like to change the subject? :wink:


Uh, not my pic! I mean, we are all Luther Blissett, but I pulled this of, errrrr, don’t know really. CNN’s twitter? Web-searched it.

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Andrew Hoyle/CNET.

I must have found it somewhere else, because I didn’t modify the pic in any way, and it wasn’t linkable, so I downloaded it by accident - and the uploaded it to the BBS. For you to look at.


Don’t know about android but in iOS, I just switch it off in the settings. It’s three clicks away.

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