Cops no longer desire photo of teenager's erection


“The judge let him go with a stiff warning…”

You just couldn’t resist, could you.


Glad he got off!


Sounds like Hiz Honor found himself a new rent boy. Good for you Boy, Now get those damn felony charges off the kid and let him return to his life…which I hope includes suing the bastards involved in his torture for everything they own.

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Who said anything about them no longer desiring it?


They’re still maintaining that they’re hard on crime.

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The quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle SHUT UP SMUT

The Police In MAN ASSES,
Want a picture of an ERECT PENIS?
Just making sure I’ve Got this story straight.
So to speak.

Still, this was thing. A thing (some) adult humans in a position of authority actually considered as a good idea.
WTF America? Seriously. We have some deeply screwed up ideas on how to protect teens from the scourge of being a teen.


Come again?

In all seriousness, I find the resolution offerred in the article extremely disturbing for a number of reasons:

Readers will recall that prosecutors had obtained a warrant to take the teen to a medical facility, inject him with drugs that would give him an erection, and then photograph his penis. The intrusive demands raised—ahem—eyebrows, and eventually the Manassas City Police backed off.

I knew they were seeking such an order, I can’t fucking believe it was granted, and even more brainmeltingly, was only stopped from being carried out because people found out about it.

According to The Washington Post, the teen was given a year’s probation last week. If he stays out of trouble for that amount of time, the charges may be dropped:

But… why is he on probation without a trial? Or else, how can the charges be dropped if he has been found guilty? How the fuck does that work?

The teen defendant said: “I don’t know how to feel about it yet. It hasn’t sunk in. . . . I feel good about the sentence, but then again, I feel bad because we didn’t need to get involved in all this. . . . They just blew it all out of proportion.”

Nice to know there was one person in this hideous, sordid tale that was able to keep things in perspective.


Of course, all of this is completely fucked up, but let me just add that it would indeed be a rare 17-year-old boy who needs to be injected with drugs to get an erection.

Also: what the hell is a “medical erection”? Is it different from a normal erection? Do you need insurance for it?

What about pre-existing conditions?

Manassas City Police really has a hard on for this kid…

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In case that was not a rhetorical question…

Medical erections are created by medical means (Viagra, injection, etc.) which due to being artificially produced may not be able to go away naturally. If your parents walked into your room at the wrong moment when you were 17, how long would your erection hold? If your erection was medically-induced, even a shock like that wouldn’t have any effect.


While he apparently has no hard feelings for them.

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For those who might not have read the original thread, the prosecutor in this case is a real piece of work. Sort of Virginia’s version of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Paul Ebert is his name, and prosecutorial misconduct is his game.


There’s a reason the residents of the city in question are called, “Manassholes.”

I find the nomenclature a little odd. “Medically induced erection” sounds better than “medical erection”.

I hear you…something like: