Cop who demanded photo of sexting-accused teen's penis commits suicide

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They’re also struggling to accept the realities of such a person


Just your periodical reminder that monstrous people are normal human beings with big problems, after all.

I look forward to the day when, rather than giving folks like this a badge, authority, and carte blanche, we can get them the mental health services they require, because we can see the warning signs, and maybe they can, too.


I missed the original story, because I know I wouldn’t forget something so awful, but I was glad to read the update that the police eventually dropped the plan to photograph the teen’s penis.

I’d like to think the charges against the young man were eventually dropped given the circumstances. I would look but I feel like I know too much about this story already, and I can’t imagine how he feels with this happening to the cop who tried to (and according to the family did) take nude pictures of him.


Very well said. I hope that day eventually arrives, but we seem to be heading down the opposite fork in the road with no sign to returning to sanity.

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The hole in hell awaiting Former Detective David Edward Abbott will be happy to have him as a permanent resident.


This whole thing is sad.
It’s sad when someone kills themselves. It’s sad he made terrible choices in his life. It’s sad he (allegedly) did terrible things.
At a minimum, we can’t now hold him responsible for his actions.
He can’t get the help he clearly needed (both for his depression as well as his alleged acts).


Another Check-Plus for my home state today - and the town where my church is! Creepiness seems to get closer and closer to home every day.

Because respecting privacy is very important.


I think we should photograph his dick and compare it to other photos to make sure it is REALLY him and not some guy who had surgery to look like him.


Good riddance. Cops are the enemy.

On the other hand, given our current inability to do much fixing of pedophiles; and his absolutely atrocious abuse of his office, this outcome probably beats a lot of the others that are actually available.

Suicide may be tragic in some absolute sense; but relative to the other options it’s far from evident that it’s always a bad choice.


It’s that sort of attitude that leads cops to think that citizens are the enemy (not that some of them need any help to think like that).

We need to get cops out of that mindset, and get back to “serve and protect.” I don’t know how to accomplish that (although certain departments seem to be making some headway), but an adversarial attitude is not going to fix things.


Agreed. And I am perfectly OK with it being a bullet that helped to change this particular cop’s mindset.

“Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement.”

  • Some Old Guy

“I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”
― Woody Allen


Something about a fox and a hen house…


Victim blaming. Also exhonerates, de facto, police misconduct. Tsk tsk.

Modern day police departments developed out of slave patrols and strike breakers. Who were they designed to serve and protect? We can and should have community safety without them.

Even putting aside the terrorism that police exact every day on under-privileged communities, they also brutally squash social movements. It’s not about the individual, it’s about the institution. E.g. why was this officer empowered to do what he did in the first place? Why does the judicial system disproportionately defend police and the rich? Because it was designed that way.


Perhaps he was using his position on the Internet Crimes Agaist Children Taskforce to gather content to gratify his desires. Perhaps repeated exposure to this sort of material depressed the hell out of him. This story, depressing as it may be. bears watching.

How the hell is that “victim-blaming?” You can’t just throw around arbitrary trendy terminology to borrow righteousness. Oh, sorry, am I mansplaining? I apologize for the microaggression.