Militarized police kill 80-year-old man in his own bed. No drugs found




Nice country you’all have there. You must all be so proud of it, eh?


They shot him with a submachine gun? Cripes.


Geez, you Americans really need to get your shit sorted out. It’s getting a tad embarrassing…


Let’s be sure to pile on the sarcasm and indict the entire nation, based on the actions of an (admittedly) out of control police force. Because, of course, every single American is just as bad as the very worst cop.


I know it’s approaching tinfoil hat territory, but when I hear of accounts like this that are concentrated in a specific geographic area, my mind immediately goes beyond “crooked cops on the take” to “crooked cops on the take from a real estate developer.” Especially given the rash of property seizure that usually surrounds drug busts…


It’s really sad. Shooting 80 year olds in their home? That’s just sick, motiveless. I hope the police officer involved resigned and will plead guilty to manslaughter. I find it hard to believe the police would deliberately plan to go to the home of an 80 year old man to murder him in cold blood, but the police are responsible when their search goes wrong. How could they live with the shame?


Could you speak up a little louder? I’m busy shooting at passing cars and am having trouble hearing you over the noise.


Of course they’re not. But you see enough abuses treated not as horrifying causes for public outrage but as if they were isolated mistakes, if that, and you have to wonder how anyone ever considers the place as a developed nation. Police who kill with impunity, capital punishment, huge military spending and actions, all normalized. The BRIC countries have lots of good people in them too, you know.


Detective Patrick Hobbs, a self-described narcotics expert who claimed he “smelled the strong odor of chemicals” downwind from the house

I smell the strong odor of chemicals in the air all the time. It’s usually flowers in bloom and whatnot.


I don’t suppose anybody has informed Detective Hobbs that sometimes chemicals are used for things other than making drugs? This might be a surprising bit of information for him.


Why did one officer only yell “drop the gun” after he had already shot Mallory six times?

He may not have had a gun but he did have a whole clip’s worth of bullets.


Seems to me like, since politicians won’t do anything about it, the place to start is with ballot initiatives. We might be able to get enough support for police accountability in, say, Oregon. (meaning DAs would be required to bring charges in cases like this, and any officer found to have lied about abuses would automatically be fired, blacklisted,and face charges).


Because of course killing a sleeping man of any age is justifiable if there were drugs.

This is our country, in a nutshell. Embarrassing as it is to admit, we have to own our reality.


It’s very difficult to own something you’re constantly sickened and horrified by. :frowning:


I know which chemical he was smelling, it was water.


Well said, chenille. Maybe at some point, Americans will feel enough shame, outrage, or both to actually do something - maybe even vote.

Until then, however…


There is a strong odor of bullshit to his claim.


Reminds me of my cat.


sad. :frowning:

“guns, keeping people safe since never.”