Modified London police brag-sheets



Meanwhile, dog owners are faced with this:

Presumably there to replace the torn, old-style notice below?

But alcohol isn’t a drug!

While I like the sentiment, I’m not a big fan of the #acab hashtag.


…seriously BoingBoing? …you actually think it’s ok to condone “All Coppers Are B*stards” ???

  • you know how many people were shot by police in the UK in the last year? …none, zero, nada
  • you know how many were shot in the US? - no, because statistics are not even officially collected in the United States, but the FBI estimates (but does not actually even know), 400 people.

…so before you start banging on about how all our cops are b*stards, compare it to somewhere where they really are

Considering Cory is a Canadian citizen resident in the UK, and boingboing isn’t even hosted in the US, not entirely sure what you mean by “your own country”.


Yup, you’re right: it only actually occured to me after I wrote that to look it up and I edited my post as soon as I did (but not before you quite rightly pointed that out)

My humble apologies: Canadian police are, by all accounts, rather good.

My point was that our cops/policemen are far from being b*stards and there are countries (and not BoingBoing’s) where they are.

In addition, the majority of the 2011 riots had a lot less to do with drug dealer Mark Duggan being shot by police (who had just bought a handgun to complete a revenge attack and was in possession of said handgun when killed) and a lot more to do with people wanting to loot sports shops, commit arson and brag about what they had done on Facebook. The riots had nothing to do with social justice or protest and the accusation that the police somehow caused them with Mark Duggan’s death is deeply unfounded.

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They certainly have the best uniforms.

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and was in possession of said handgun when killed

You mean the handgun that was found wrapped in a sock ten feet away from his body on the other side of a fence, with neither his fingerprints nor his DNA on it (or the sock)?


But apparently, service in the RCMP is overrated:

Greetings to Canada!

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Which shows that he had a handgun. The original post says that he was unarmed (which he wasn’t) and a civilian (which again he wasn’t, he was an armed criminal)

The original post says that he was unarmed (which he wasn’t) and a civilian (which again he wasn’t

The inquest jury found he was not armed at the time he was shot, having thrown the weapon away when the minicab was stopped by police:

By a majority of eight to two, the jury ruled that the 2011 shooting
was lawful. The jury said they were sure, by the same eight-to-two
majority, that Duggan did not have a weapon in his hands when police
surrounded him. By a majority, the jury concluded he “threw” the gun
from a cab he was travelling in when armed officers forced it to stop.

Definition of civilian:

A person not in the armed services or the police force

So yes, he was an unarmed civilian.


Of course those numbers may be skewed a bit since you don’t give most of them guns.

“Of course those numbers may be skewed a bit since you don’t give most of them guns”

…trust me, the second there’s anything serious going on, the place is covered in alarmingly heavily armed policemen.

But yes, they don’t have guns, and criminals, for the most part at least, don’t feel they need them either. It works pretty well, and it depends on having some very brave policemen and women who have the b*lls to walk the streets without being armed.

Thank you for repeating what the Daily Fail et al told you to think.


Wait…‘criminal’ and ‘civilian’ are mutually exclusive now? Those categories are orthogonal.


I have a hard time believing that the Metropolitan Police is ‘the only workplace still tolerating racism in 2014’.

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This seems like an appropriate thread to post these real, very heavy handed signs about paying your TV tax I saw a decade ago.

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Killing is not the standard for determining whether or not someone is a bastard. Your definition may vary, but “an unpleasant or despicable person” is the general usage. Racist cops are by definition bastards. If cops do not want to be perceived as bastards they should stop acting like bastards. Cops have a bad reputation by default in much of the world. That’s their burden. The bad reputation is often deserved. Why? Because most cops are bastards.