Cops shot in Baton Rouge (developing)

Sunday 17th July: Local news reports that multiple officers have been shot in Baton Rouge.

Live thread on Reddit:


Just heard about this via Dallas local CNN. Don’t have words right now, other than ‘goddammit’ and ‘this shit needs to stop’.

ETA: Local coverage here:


Terrible. This is not what I wanted to see. Violence is not the way… Terrible.

Yeah this year just officially is the suck.
It isn’t like this is unexpected with the popo killing kids indiscriminately and getting coverage around the world about it, but goddamn it this is not the answer.

Edit Crossing out some text, see my reply below…

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The news coming in so far makes it sound like it might not be related at all. Too early to know, but they were reporting gunfire before the police arrived. Seems like we’re all rather quick to slap a narative on an event though. (See: disgruntled dude runs over a bunch of people in Nice, and everyone shouts terrorism.)


And enough gunfire to take out multiple officers on top of that wow… okay… I take back my earlier statement but jeebus WTF Baton Rouge…

good update from NYT

looks like the suspect is dead was dressed up in all black with a mask and open carrying which is why the officers were called in.


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