Copyright extortion startup wants to hijack your browser until you pay


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Is Robert Steele related to John Steele of Prenda Law?

The whole story feels like a déjà vu.


This just sounds like they’re begging for lawsuits, class action and the regular kind. Can you prove actual damages if your internet gets turned off?

Also, if this happened, why would you not stop paying the bill? Seems to me the ISPs have nothing to gain.


I’m thinking that cash is better paid to a VPN service.


That’s what I do. Got a ‘letter’ from ButtCast and signed up for a VPN the next day. Any time I do anything on the Web, the VPN goes on, all traffic routes through it and all ConCast sees is an encrypted tunnel of data.


Sure, stop paying comcast and switch to ATT if you can. In some areas, there are effective ISP monopolies. Is that mesh network tech ever going to mature?

I see this complaint a lot about US internet - is that just for cable? Is ADSL not really a thing over there, or just not practical outside the big cities (or are there monopolies of that as well)?

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Yea, I know what monopoly is. My point is, the ISP is a business, and they’re out to make money. Turning off your internet makes them less money. I don’t think the trolls are willing (or able) to compensate Big Data for loss of subscribers and loss of face. I could be wrong.

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But not much money. If a ISP that also happens to be a big shitty company, like comcast or att shuts down your connection, they’re out maybe $500 a year. It sucks for them, but they don’t really seem to care. It’s a much, much bigger deal for the subscriber. Can you imagine not being allowed to have internet at home? It would be a serious socioeconomic disadvantage! It’s bad business for the ISP, but they don’t really appear to care much about doing a good job by their customers or shareholders. It’s the subscriber who is screwed in such a manner that it really is a violation of their human rights.

Nope not related to John Steele of Pretenda fame. (One should go read the money laundering & hiding attempts recently made public after they failed to ask the court to keep documents sealed.)

See the trick is they offer to settle for $20, but you got a whole album so once they get you on the hook admitting “guilt” they then count up the other 14 tracks. So now that want $300, and you admitted you did it when you contacted them.

We have copyright law in the US. It tells them how to make the case, this is corporations shoving more corporate law into the system. ISPs will comply because they fear lawsuits (or are owned by media conglomerates). The problem is if you look at every single time anyone gave “rightsholders” more than the law requires, they abuse it. If they can’t get their way, they file lawsuits for huge amounts of damages and hope they can run the target out of money. Expect to see them target a small ISP and try to bankrupt it to get their way. They will then parlay that “win” into pressure on slightly larger ISPs.

Copyright law in the US is screwed up. With everything that is happening and the explosion of Pretenda (and the forthcoming (fingers crossed) explosion of the multiple shell companys that are Guardulay (sp) which are actually fueling a huge number of copyright cases in the US it is going to reach the point where the law will have to be changed simply because courts will no longer accept these sorts of cases. It has been a ripe fertile field for abuse 4.4 million Prenda cleared in 1 year in CC transactions alone.

I still think RightsCorp is trying to inflate their “value” to get acquired by a larger firm. The history of every firm with a “magic solve it all bullet” is they make a splash and the owners cash out and move elsewhere.

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