Copyright Office to FCC: Hollywood should be able to killswitch your TV


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killswitch your TV


Copyright Office to FCC: Hollywood should be able to killswitch your TV.

Me to Copyright Office: Hah, beat you by a couple of decades!


I’m just seeing yet another “Push” incentive for people to cut the cable and move to online streaming.


TV KillSwitch – the name of my new band…


Eh, drop the ‘TV’ part. Then, play with Kill Switch or even **K**ills **W**iitch! [eh, cannot make that damn space go away…]


But part of the act will be blowing up televisions on stage!


All the world’s a stage!


Those motherfuckers are the scum of the earth. If they could put rainbows in zoos and charge people to see them they would. Put them up against the fucking wall. The Revolution can not come soon enough. Hang the lawyers and the suits.


Everything old is new again! Orrin Hatch and Amy Klobuchar want to take your computer away too!


Ah, evil and ignorant of how technology works. They must be politicians.

As for this…tee-vee everyone keeps talking about, I vaguely remember having something like that back when the internet screamed every time you connected to it.



As long as those same cable companies keep internet access in the dark ages, customers cannot avail themselves out more modern media services.

The system works!


Is that Wendy O’?


I’ll add it to the list…


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