Make: a gorgeous, dramatic Internet Kill Switch

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Sure, you could just unplug the cable, but that’s hard on the connectors

Seriously? The connectors are not that fragile. I’m sending The Hawk to revoke your internet.


Unless they are That One Goddamn Patch Cable deep within the darkest corner of the accursed wiring closet. In that case, merely thinking about them too hard causes transient failures despite a complete lack of visible damage.

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Way back when, it was quite common in some SovBloc countries to unplug the phone when having a free exchange of opinions amongst friends, just in case.


Unless it’s a giant knife switch that takes both hands and a bit of elbow grease to move you’re doing it wrong.

That said I could see this being useful when forcing family off the phones, off the xbox, off their differing devices and just wait for them to gather trying to find the prolem before going ‘hey we need to talk.’

I say this as the guy that probably consumes the most internet in this house.


I agree with the knife switch idea, but I also think there should be a 90-decibel siren (PEW PEW PEW WARNING INTERNET DISCONNECTED) so people will know the internet’s been disconnected.


I know right? Their ‘overkill’ switch is just another toggle that’s got a flip plate over top. That’s not overkil that’s ‘eh.’ Overkill would be a giant wall sized knife switch behind a heavy safe door that needs two keys turned at the exact same time to even access with a siren that goes off when opened and takes an access code to remove a pin that allows the switch to be flipped.

Come on people have some flair for the dramatic.


Dramatic overkill?

Terrible design.

Only cutting one of the wires?

No debounce?

I’m not even on the Networking team and I would do terrible things if someone put this on any network I cared about.

IF I was so inclined, I’d at least use a Single pole Quad throw switch so you are cutting the four important wires.

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I definitely approve; though I suspect that finding an octo-pole single throw knife switch that meets cat 6 standards might be pretty tricky.

Knife switches do drama and amperage quite well, high frequency somewhat less well.

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So the knife sitch throws the relay that turns off the power to the two port switch.

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That would be the depressingly pragmatic, functional, and effective solution.

That strips the knife switch of purpose and meaning more efficiently than an existentialist pickpocket…

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