Copyright trolls cut and run at suggestion that they're a front for disgraced firm Guardaley


Well thank God if the judiciary is wising up to these punks.

So what worked here? Am I wrong in thinking one lawyer made more difference than 100 internet activists? Does this suggest a different approach with issues like fair use and neutrality?

Maybe posting the companies playbook after it was discovered helped.

Maybe they never looked at their “evidence” that was not what they claimed, was incomplete, incorrect, and made little sense.
Maybe it was a Defendant who was innocent and willing to fight back against the allegations and could afford it.

One would think that when discovery is granted, that it will be confirmed the event was created to profit from, the magic box is a lie, and there will be rulings about how NOT to run these investigations.

I’d call it a team effort, as many lawyers are waking up to the simple fact that the community is not a bunch of psychotics who hate the other side for enforcing copyrights. We hate bullies.
Oh and I clearly am a sociopath.

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