Surprise: Copyright trolls rip off the rightsholders they supposedly "represent"

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Copyright trolls

The 21st century’s “ambulance chasers”.

Except often times they’re the ones who caused the injuries in the first place (e.g. seeding the content they’re suing over).


Wish I could have sympathy, but I don’t. If the content “producers” made it easier to find their things online at a REASONABLE price, then piracy would go down. Instead they blame everyone else instead of themselves for not adapting to a changing world.


I’m just going to sit here in the schadenfreude and sip lemonade :smiling_imp:


If you can’t trust sleazy lawyers, who can you trust?

Do I recall correctly that Prenda was set up using identity theft? That the company used the name of an old college roommate of one of the lawyers as their owner?

I think they did it as part of a scheme to suggest that there were two different arms of the business, but maybe it would also be useful when someone comes to sue you. Run away with as much money as you can and leave an identity theft victim holding the bag.


This is called killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

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We should replace the half-empty/half-full test for pessimism/optimism with the “killing the good that lays the golden eggs”/“taking the money and running” test.


Fortunately, the courts have caught up with Prenda and their saga of getting smacked down is ongoing, now guest starring the FBI. They’re down to 2 main people since one of the lawyers died (I believe he basically drank himself to death). I think they used a fake signature of a grounds keeper to set up one of their many shell-game businesses.

Techdirt always has the latest:

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I believe the meme is “You lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.”

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