Prenda - when the brown stuff hits the spinny thing

So as some of you might know I have a dislike for copyright trolls.
I thought I would share some of the latest news in the saga (and see what happens when I add a topic).

As the sanctions add up, no one has ponied up.
The poster boy who handled many of their cases, Brett Gibbs, has now decided to plead poverty… oh and should we ever forget, he has cancer so we should be nicer to him.

A company who had a principle who boasted about all of the millions they were making, and suddenly they can’t even find $82K in the couch cushions? They are unwilling to even put the money up in a bond to stop the daily fines the court imposed while they try to appeal the courts ruling.

It’s like the silent moment after the draining bathwater stops making loud sucking noises.

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Oh don’t be fooled, they are full of fun and surprises; this isn’t ending anytime soon.
I think that their Georgia Craigslist recruited lawyer managed to top his own arguments of ‘but but but gays is why you should ignore the Judge in CA who found my bosses were running a fraudulent enterprise’. He submitted a single e-mail he got from someone who taunted him and an article from 2010 about how members of ‘Anonymous’ were arrested for attacking PayPal as evidence of… well f’ed if anyone else knows. They’ve already called the EFF terrorists so yeah… there is much fun to be had.

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I do not understand what you mean. Your question or statement is addressing

Interesting. Judge Wright hasn’t shown any patience with these clowns. I hope he issues an arrest warrant for contempt of court. Then Gibbs could sue his former clients (non-payment?), thereby causing a spike in popcorn futures!

This case is still the gift that keeps on giving.

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