Copyright troll's lawyer wants record sealed so we won't make fun of him


Ah, how cute. Pining for the days when the relative inaccessibility of court paperwork allowed petty nobility such as himself to lord it over the courtroom without fear of derision by the lower orders.

Mr. Jacques Nazaire didn’t graduate from a Fine Institution like the New York Law School just to take shit from internet kids. He’s above that sort of thing now.

I guess he had to try, but something tells me he’s gonna be all over the public record.

Ahhh freedom of speech. Best thing the Founding Fathers ever did.

So, he feels he is too good to be dragged through the mud, after dragging others through the same.

Drag away, I say. Just make sure the rope is securely tied around his neck first.

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Interestingly enough, the picture chosen to illustrate the nefarious copyright troll is a satirical cartoon attacking someone who probably be held in much greater esteem by the average Boinger.

It’s an attack on Charles Bradlaugh, noted 19th century freethinker, secularist, contraception pioneer and promoter of universal suffrage. This earned him this charming caricature by Punch magazine.

When he was elected to parliament by the people of Northampton, he was barred from taking his seat when he refused to take the religious oath of allegiance, asking instead to affirm, as was allowed in court. Parliament refused and ordered a by-election. Which he won. So they barred him again.
He went on to win a further four elections in quick succession before parliament relented.


If there is a god, I will live to see depositions of Mark Lutz on youtube.

Funny they are trying to sue me for calling them scammers.
If your following the docket for this case both shoes have dropped and it is becoming clear that John Steele did steal Alan Coopers identity AND his law firm seeded the files online they are suing over.

They created the event to profit from…

Yet I’m ‘named’ in 2 defamation suits for calling them scammers and extortionists.
Oh and I’m in the exhibits this moron sent to the court calling him a moron.
So I’m the bad guy and they are the good guys…
Which one of us stole money from people again under false pretenses with the blessing of the justice system?

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