One of the copyright's scummiest trolls loses his law license


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The wheels of justice may grind slowly, but they can grind ever so finely.


That’s great. But am I alone in thinking that there is something horribly wrong with a legal/constitutional system that not only allows but encourages these examples of primordial slime to flourish and threaten the lives of the plain, ordinary natives of our planet? Far from celebrating this guy’s (temporary) setback, surely we should be appalled by his successes and want to work together to destroy him - thereby protecting the weak, the honest, the truely lovely individuals from whom he seeks to suck their very life. Think Superman…



Well, not really. He’s already got his - he doesn’t ever need to law again. Also, a great deal of what Prenda did does not actually require a law license. This might not even slow him down.


Hansmeier is the 15-year-old in the photo? What about the other 7 lawyers, including the grown-ups?


Well at least one of the “official lawyers” never showed up in court and apparently is a completely artificial construct. A fraudulent ID, that owns another company some of these guys work for. They’ve literally setup a scarecrow as the one to hold some companies’ liabilities. It’s frankly mindboggling that all of them aren’t in prison now for Fraud-on-the-court. They’ve been smacked down by some judges now, but the ones they completely defrauded apparently were patient or sleepy enough to let them get away with naming fake, non-existent people as liability holders.


So, looking further, there were 3 main players: Hansmeier, Steele, and Duffy. Duffy is dead, and there is a complaint similar to Hansmeier’s moving against Steele in Illinois.

The ADA blackmail scam is ongoing. It seems, unlike the copyright blackmail scam, to not need a law license. Suspension isn’t enough.


I wouldn’t be too sad to hear that all of them had “Duffied” in some sort of slow and excruciatingly painful fashion…


you are not alone, but I think it’s an uphill battle now. The “legal” system seems to be designed to keep the rich out of jail and those without money in jail to make some people even richer. No attempt at reforming a person or giving them job skills, just put them in a new version of slavery.

It’s disgusting, but I can’t come up with anything to replace it. :cry:



All we have here, after many years of investigation into sustained and blatant criminality, is a slight reduction in his ability to defraud.

A poor person engages in petty subsistence theft and they go to prison after a minimal pretence of due process. A rich person engages in mass larceny motivated by nothing but greed, and they face a slight possibility of having to surrender a portion of their loot.


I was thinking more along the lines of the Punisher. Your suggestion sounds much more peaceful, though.


It’s kinda funny, that given the headline “One of the copyright’s scummiest trolls loses his law license” I thought “right, like Hansmier’s lost his license.”

So congratulations to Paul Hansmier, because when you think scum, think Paul Hansmier.


Yeah, no, not yet he hasn’t. I really wish Cory could bring himself to stick to actual facts in his headlines.

As the article explicitly states, Hansmeier has not yet lost his license.

While it is pretty much guaranteed Hansmeier will lose his license one way or another, it hasn’t actually happened yet, so the BB post title is false.


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