Corgi puppy still not entirely sure about going down these stairs

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Your genetic engineering has made my legs shorter than your civil engineering has made your stairs. Truly you mock the very notion of a benevolent god. (Adorable puppy, however)


I though he was going to go for it, he had the momentum of 2 stairs in a row.

Must have reconsidered the consequences: If I go down the stairs now, they will always expect me to go down the stairs by myself, too scary.

Butterball going down stairs still does it for me…


Awwww, so cute…until he becomes a full-grown corgi yapping his freaking head off in the back yard and driving the neighbors out of their minds. Dog owners: please walk your dogs at least twice a day and don’t leave them out in the yard because you want a doggie but not the responsibility that comes with them.

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