Dog levitates up stairs




That was cute! We have a bunch of dogs and when they run downstairs the little ones use only one of their hind legs. Some use the right, some the left. As a biped, I don’t have that option :wink:


Now, that would make a gif that I could watch all day. :slight_smile:


Even better, make a gif like the endlessly climbing bear



Boston Dynamics Pugbot v2.3


you win this round, dog


Wow! extraordinary dog. I haven’t see any dog using its four leg at the time when climbing up stair.


If we could get the hall light to strobe in sync with the pug, then it would really look like it is floating up the stairs. Wooo.


That was way cute, but it looked to me like he was trotting up the stairs rather than levitating. Sure I could watch it all day, but not because it was a supernatural defiance of gravity. I would like to see a gif of that dog actually floating up some stairs please, I don’t mind if the footage is not genuine.


He wasn’t trotting up the stairs, nor pacing, nor cantering, nor galloping. He was stotting, or pronking.

Antelope use that form of locomotion quite a lot.


And there’s my new word for the day!


My dog uses a similar technique when he’s rushing down the stairs. But he’s getting a bit older now (he’s 13), and occasionally misses a step and falls, so we have to be careful not to get him too excited when it’s time for him to go downstairs.


Ok, I want one of my pugs to have a date with this super cute pug with the great attitude… Where does this lil pug live? is it fixed? I have cute pugs but this little pug needs to make some cute baby puggies !!! 2 freaking cute !!!


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