Disabled dog gets her wheeeeeelchair

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The cute; it BURNS >.<’ !

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We saw adog with a set of wheels about two years ago. A bigger dog. The owner seemed worried, but all Pokey wanted to do was say hi, ie sniff.

Now Pokey has a bad rear leg, every so often it “misfires” and he trips. It’s only going to get worse.

But I did what I set out to do, make sure he had a !ong life. He’ll be 14 in three months, which is very good for a Labrador.

But every day he pokes me to go out. It’s hard to go for shorter walks on really hot days like last week, or when his leg seems worse (it varies), me worrying that he’ll have problems getting home if we go too far.


You could put flags and streamers and such on the two vertical posts. Trick it out.

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Our 12 year old German Shepherd is heading down the same path with canine degenerative myelopathy. I’ve been wondering if something like this would work for a bigger dog that’s a little higher off the ground.

A quick search…


She lives on the second floor


Yes, the dog we saw was much bigger, but I can’t remember what type. I thought it might work better with bigger dogs, but I’m not a dog so know little.

And at least one pinwheel.

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Awesome idea! And two pinwheels side-by-side would give the rig the look of a hovercraft. They could dub it… the Rovercraft.

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this just reminds me that I was shocked when I noticed a few weeks ago that they added a wheelchaired doggo to paw patrol. it was after I noticed they added a justice league team. turns out the doggo on wheels works in the dinosaur park.

is it just me or is that all very very insane (other than supporting our disabled friends of course)

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