Coronavirus has killed 150,000 people worldwide, as of today

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My Facebook feed is sprinkled with pandemic deniers-:
“socialism practice”
“it’s the flu get back to work”
“The spike in New York is suicides because of no income”
“The hospital ships and army hospitals are empty therefore NY is not overwhelmed”
They deny millions of professionals all over the world but yet stick with the opinion of an individual doctor that says we should be herd immunizing.
“Media is lying and Elon (fucking) Musk says so”

They twist and twist and twist all because they have to defend the letter R. There is no line, no depth, these people will reach in defense of their beliefs. They have already proven they are ok with Trump being a dictator if it means they can eliminate all opposing view points, essentially becoming a dictator to stop the country from being run by a dictator.


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oooh trumpkins is sounding super nasal today during his 5th grade reading session, here’s hoping

ooh also: he’s not at the podium at the same time as the others, he spoke and left and then the others went up to speak and let’s see if they go away when he comes back - there’s a quiet distancing going on which he’s not done before (and Fauci got a test today, why today?)


And of course, the USA is still in the relatively early stages of this.

If the death rate reaches the level currently seen in Italy, then that’s over 120,000 dead. If it reaches the current level of Spain, then that’s over 134,000. And those examples use the current data, which does not include the long tail of cases as the infection rate drops off.

Does anyone think that the American lockdown is as controlled and as orderly as Italy?


Fingers crossed. It seems like the only hope of bringing down the death toll and possibly not having four more years of that… thing. But I’m pretty sure if he does get it, he’ll be one of the lucky ones for whom the symptoms are extremely mild, and then he’ll be back to infuriatingly boasting about how it’s not a big deal and we should all open for business.

I’m starting to suspect that a lot of philosophical questions can be answered with “God is real, he’s just evil.” Why does God allow bad things to happen? Because he’s evil. Why do the good die young while monsters seem to live forever? Evil God. (Not really, but FUCK does it feel like this lately)


when people want to invent “god” into this I just point out if there is a “god” then they also made the virus and they may just like it better

as far as evil living longer, it’s because sociopaths don’t stress or worry over anything and they make sure they have best health care for themselves at the expense of others, I mean I think Dick Cheney is still freaking alive somehow


Florida just reopened beaches, this country is at peak stupid

look at the photos here, insanity


Every number was a human being, with family members and friends and others who loved and cared about them.

Thanks. It’s good to keep reminding ourselves of this as I’m finding the curve charts tend to feed my anger of how different nation, politics and ideologies are handling this.

The ever present charts seem to be numbing a closer global human connection, an emotional empathy with our shared humanity.


I just read there are rich Europeans flying to Sweden to take advantage of the less severe lockdown. Got to get your hair done, even if you risk your life doing it.


For me, that’s why I am so passionate about this. I know that each one of those numbers represent a friend, a family member, a person; even if it isn’t mine. That is what fuels my passion on this.

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Except that graph is for an entire year, and one which has had the benefit of time to make sure the counts are correct. If we project current trends until the end of 2020, we could well be looking at millions of deaths, putting covid-19 near the top of the chart.


You’re comparing annual death rates with one month’s worth of deaths in the early stages of a global pandemic.



Just to throw some numbers at you, right?
Let’s assume the US has a fair percentage of the world’s deaths. The United States represents 4.3% of the world’s population.

The United States is severely under-reporting deaths, but even the official numbers have us at 2000 deaths/day. That’s with the measures that we’ve taken so far which the federal and a considerable number of state governments are hell bent on ending. A month of this is 60,000 deaths. Again, assuming that it doesn’t get worse (which it looks like it will.) That chart you have? If you work out the math on it, the monthly expected US death rate for heart diseases is 63k a month.

By your own fucking chart covid is the expected 2nd biggest cause of death in the US for the next few months. Nearly double the rate of cancer.



You must be mistaken. A few weeks ago I was told that the cases were at 15 and would be quickly going down to zero.


This is a horrible disaster multiplied in magnitude by Trump, and frankly by those who blindly follow his lead for personal or political purpose. If it was up to me, after we get rid of trump we would rethink voting and citizen rights for some who self-identify as supporters of trump. Luckily we have a useful public record of such declarations so we don’t have to conduct a “witch hunt” to find them. I suggest they are put on the other side of a great wall or fence and fend for themselves without a big government just as they wish.

The death rate from COVID-19 in the U.S. right now is about 8 per million per day


If our normal life expectancy here is 79, then the normal death rate from all causes is 35 per million

If this went on indefinitely, the extra 8 would be lowering all our life expectancies from 79 to 64


However, it appears that measures taken to control COVID-19, such as sheltering at home and social distancing, are working.

“We’re actually, in many parts of the country now, starting to turn this virus down,” Schaffner said. “It’s happening in the state of Washington and California. Even New York City thinks they may see a downturn.”

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Except the president and his favorite list of governors are doing their best to remove those measures, which is why I insisted it’s going to get worse before it gets better.