Corporate America projects giant profits from climate disasters


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All market and profit-driven enterprises depend on people needing to solve problems. If they don’t have problems, have the marketing department cook up a problem for them, and then offer up the solution for a pretty penny. Coincidentally, this is the kind of conspiratorial thinking that anti-statists love to whisper about governments, scientists and non-profits, that they need problems to solve so bad, they are willing to create or at least perpetuate them for job security. That dynamic can’t be true of public orgs, but it is at least tempered by the fact that those institutions successes are tied to public feedback and approval. But it is certainly true of businesses, whose main feedback comes from dollars rolling in (you know, aside from some pink/green/brown-washing social media campaigns…)


So … silver linings? /ownership class


Oh. Well, okay then…


“Your homes weren’t destroyed by climate change, they were destroyed by opportunity.”


Counterpoint, in order: So can a flashlight, a siren, a book, a radio, and bullshit. I’ve yet to have an iPhone that can be charged for many days unless I never use the thing; especially if I’m using it to shine light, make noise, browse webmd, and listen to music.

But, at least the corporate overlords will have their money to choke on for eternity once they go to hell along with the rest of us.


Damn, yo…

And what’s worse is when it comes to ‘keep your head up!’ rebuttals, this time I got nothing.


Vultures bred with corporate whores = vulthores.


I’m pretty sure that’s already the name of an 80s porn parody of Voltron tho…


All hail capitalism, profiteering off the end of the world. I’m sure a small stock price bump will make everyone on Fury Road happy.



So can a Huawei phone for half the price. Do Apple genuinely not realize they are making a luxury product or are they just trying to BS?


Similar to healthcare. Why cure anything when there’s so much more money to be made off the dying.


Just saying, if they would rather take us all to hell in order to make one more buck, than do something with their billions to right our course, there’s not a lot we can do to stop them. It really is too late to try to “vote with our wallets”. We just don’t have that level of coordination and commitment among the people. Especially when Amazon provides free 2-day shipping.

Trying? They’ve been succeeding for years. They have that shit dialed in tight. And that’s coming from a guy with several Apple products.


Huh. Wells Fargo are pinning their flag to ‘Broken Windows’ theory. Whoda thunk.


#ClimateCatastrophe selfies are going to trend like a bitch right up to the point none of us are left to Like them.


#RoomForDays #SkinnyPeepsRule #TakeThisPartyUnderground



That’s why they call it ‘disaster capitalism’.

Disaster capitalism” is neoliberalism imposed undemocratically. It exploits natural disasters, civil wars, foreign invasions, coups d’etat, terrorism, or explicit deception. It always seeks to make its changes irreversible.


AND I can get all for one HELL of a lot cheaper than the Iphone,