Corporate Diversity jobs down 75% since peak of George Floyd protests

Originally published at: Corporate Diversity jobs down 75% since peak of George Floyd protests | Boing Boing


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The great tech layoff contagion of the past couple of years was all the opportunity Silicon Valley needed to purge DEI roles off their payroll.

Another important factor is thatmany organizations still do not understand or appreciate the benefits of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion . Many still regard DEI as an overhead rather than a profit-making strategy. In fact, Gartner reports that 51% of surveyed DEI leaders claimed that their biggest challenge is getting business leaders to take ownership. The same goes for investment as many companies have failed to provide their DEI teams with sufficient resources . And this lack of leadership buy-in and funding seriously undermines the development of effective DEI initiatives.


This was always window dressing. That was obvious from the start, because people weren’t rallying in the streets to demand that American capitalism hired more Corporate Diversity Officers.

People actually wanted the police to stop murdering. Which isn’t seeing a downturn at all.

(How a campaign for broad-based action on a social issue that would have benefited everyone was diverted and channelled into a temporary jobs programme for a section of the Professional-Managerial class would be an interesting, if depressing study.)


You are going to see an explosion of workplace discrimination claims/suits.

DEI officers are not there out of benevolence of corporations. They are there to head off and prevent complaints about discriminatory conditions.


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