Corporate mascots as anime characters


Wait, is that Aunt Jemima next to Princess Mononoke?

“Mighty Atom”, not “Atom Boy”.

It’s Toki, one of the residents of Irontown:

The characters are, from left to right: San, Toki, and Eboshi.

I especially liked the Morton Salt/Totoro one.

The Girl Guides one puts me immediately in mind of the Galactic Girl Guides of Lee/Kaluta’s Starstruck.

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Also that’s the Girl Scouts logo, not Girl Guides. Also I’m pretty sure The Little Mermaid isn’t anime.

Cory isn’t even trying anymore.

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They’re also called Girl Guides – particularly in Canada and England.
How about you do a little trying?

Sheesh, calm down people, it’s just someone having a little fun with corporate logos.


No, the Girl Guides have a different logo. The three-faces-in-profile is specifically associated with the Girl Scouts organization. Google it.


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Exactly. They’re all derived from the original clover/trefoil, but the three-silhouettes-on-green is specifically the Girl Scouts of America:


He did qualify the images as anime-inflected remixes.

Very angry anime characters, too.

Thank goodness. It’s been so many years since I’ve seen that! And surely the real Princess Mononoke would want real maple, not maple-flavored corn syrup.

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