A comic about what happens when a magical girl team disbands


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Makes me think of Sailor Nothing, which I enjoyed reading many years ago. Have other people heard of that? I think I came across it on TVTropes originally.


The Sisterhood of the Traveling Mutants


It’s really weird to see American magical girls. I’ve always thought of them as pretty thoroughly Japanese. Even when Cardcaptor Sakura got dubbed, she still eats with chopsticks.


You dared enter TV Tropes… and ESCAPED?! Unless, or course you never did escape and this is All Just A Dream?


You don’t actually escape, you’re just sent out to the world to ensnare others.


I went there just to link to All Just A Dream and 10 minutes later was on Ship To Ship Combat… HELLLLLLLLLLLP!



The thing is, the way of looking at friends is tightly linked with one’s own culture. When the author thinks that it’s weird to imagine something like “eternal friendship”, she unwittingly displays her own cultural bias.

For most Japanese, their best friends (as in : 30 years hence they’ll still be so) are people they have met during their schooling years (yes, that means between primary school and university). So, of course, there is a kind of kid naive point of view in the way it is shown in such shows. But there is also the fact of seeing who their parent’s friends are.


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