My favorite anime is American Psycho

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“Whereas traditional American comics focus on the exploits of superheroes, manga allows for a vast array of genres. Although most of the most popular mangas, which are eventually adapted into anime, revolve around fantasy battles, some mangas are decidedly more grounded.”

So, in other words, comics from both countries are dominated by populist market-serving tropes, but there are also works from both countries that are more complex and grounded. I’m not sure why the lede-burying preamble is using this to argue that American and Japanese comics are somehow fundamentally different in quality.

I think it’s worth noting that what gets translated and marketed in the west is just a small fraction of what exists in terms of manga and anime.

Fantasy battles are just one of many genres, and things like sports or situation comedy or romance are just as prevalent.

“Whereas traditional American comics focus on the exploits of superheroes”
So you’re saying you haven’t been to a comic shop. American comics are just as diverse as anime in genres.

Mm. Hand-drawn Blockbuster. Edgerunners but every scene has subway car robbery based in NCIS or FBI episodes.

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