Man attempts poses from wrestling manga Baki the Grappler

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well I mean…

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Fans rejecting changes made by attempts to adapt anime and manga to live-action really make sense if you look at why anime and manga are so popular with fans outside of Japan. Sure there’s all the usual reasons you get with any western comic or fictional work, but a good percentage of it is how strange and different it all is from the stuff that most fans are or were usually exposed to. So if you try to ground that work in a slightly more realistic setting like has been done with most successful comic book adaptations, or you try to ‘localize’ it by scrubbing the elements inherent to the Japanese culture that produced the source work, you’re killing the very thing that made that work enticing to your target market.

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Maybe “Hollywood struggles”, but Japan seems to do this all the time? And surely they wouldn’t keep doing it if it wasn’t decently profitable? Evidently it wouldn’t be profitable to release them elsewhere, but nonetheless.

Last one I saw was Bleach.


I agree, that’s the key differences. It’s a domestic Japanese production intended for a domestic Japanese audience. Like I said above, Hollywood produced efforts can’t help but try to make their adaptations more relevant to their perceived audience and by doing so completely miss the mark. Also, while I have plenty of respect for Japanese produced films, I feel like there’s less expected of them compared to the high budget spectacles Hollywood system movies are expected to produce.

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