Will Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender break the live-action curse?

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I thought the recent One Piece adaptation already did that?


That was pretty good, actually…


I thought people liked the One Piece adaptation that came out not too long ago.

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Still not sure why a live-action version is needed at all, but it actually looks … not bad. And I’m always happy to see Appa and Momo!


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It was good enough that it actually made me go back and give the animation another chance.


I know we all know this, but I’m going to be the guy who calls out the live action/animation distinction has been irrelevant for years. Like pretty much every other blockbuster, this is a CGI movie with human actors and practical elements incidentally composited in.

We might want to start using the term “live action” to identify processes involving people whose livelihoods and local economies depend on employment in creative media like movies,TV, games, design, writing, publishing, etc, as opposed to content synthesized by generative algorithms, whose sole appeal seems to be eliminating human involvement from any process. There is no “live action” there.


This is at least more “live action” than the CGI Lion King, which many were calling live action despite the utter lack of a single human on screen at any point.

But on the subject, this has one advantage over the film that’s visible form the trailers: the characters properly look like the characters, not cosplayers. I assume the episode format will allow the story to breath as well, which was the other big problem of the film. Trying to condense 20 episodes into a 2 hour film is bound to have some issues, story- wise.


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Well, one thing that the show had going for it was that it did not spend about 15 episodes per fight… that was how the anime rolled… like, one single fight would last forever… They managed to wrap things up within like 10 minutes or so for most fights on the live-action show. That really helps!


I’m convinced that there could have been a good AtLA movie if they had focused on nailing the characters and the world. The story would have needed to be changed to fit the format, but with the other two elements (no pun intended) in place, they would have had a shot at something that works. The execs in charge of the film robbed everyone of that possibility.

My in-laws, who have never seen the TV series, actually enjoy The Last Airbender. It might be because the film feels like a weird fantasy flick from the 80’s.


I’m a huge Last Airbender fan who thought the movie was fine. Didn’t touch the cartoon, but better than a lot of other films that didn’t get near as much hate. Also a mild Cowboy Bebop fan who actually thought the Live Action was good. There were a few weak points, but overall creative and beautifully filmed. Just didn’t quite fit into an easy category.

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Momo looks a bit weird, but maybe in context it will make sense. I’m cautiously optimistic, but as Young Master Peas says:

“I’m a little sad that this will be the version so many kids see for the first time.”

Hopefully this is as good as the original, but that seems as likely as me becoming an astronaut. At the very least, I hope they capture the silly joyfulness of a group of kids in timeless space; for my money that was the greatest aspect that I don’t think has really been captured anywhere else (and please, please, please be a goofy, funny Sokka!).


Shhh, if they ignore One Piece, then to them their statement is valid.

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Am I the only person who found things to like about the live-action “Cowboy Bebop”? I might be the wrong person to judge it, as I found that the anime delighted and irritated me in about equal parts, so I’m clearly not a true fan. But I liked the live-action version enough that I was disappointed when I heard it wouldn’t be renewed.


I’m luke warm on the concept of bringing anime or animated things to “live action” in the first place, but if it must be done: why not something in the universe or story line of the animated series, but not a worse rehash of the animated series?

Why not “more” instead of just a repeat/rehash of the same thing?

Even if an adaptation is somehow decent, why would I want to watch the same thing again but a little different? OK I did watch both Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. But that’s different. (it’s an excellent show, given the choice, just watch Brotherhood)

I don’t like endlessly being resold the same thing. If it reaches a new audience I guess good for them, but it’s not for me.

I thought live action Cowboy Bebop was OK, and I actually enjoyed live action Death Note. I haven’t seen the new One Piece but I never watched any of the anime either.


Netflix already shrugged off the curse with their live action One Piece which is incredible.

I’m excited for rotoscoped Ang! Looks at least as good as One Piece.

Did ya not read the thread?


Because those remakes aren’t aimed at you if you’ve seen the anime in the first place. Setting something in the same world wouldn’t make sense if your audience doesn’t know the world

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