Three new animated Avatar: The Last Airbender films are on the way

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So excited…just watched the series with my 8 yr old daughter. Before finishing the series, I bought the Funko Pop Sokka, Katara, Appa and Iroh. She set Iroh on top of the teabags in our kitchen and proceeded to take the rest to her room.


I don’t know if I can think of any live action animations of cartoons that are good. Things like the Flintstones might rate as high as “Huh. Well, that was a thing.”


Please let at least one of these sequels be a crossover with one of James Cameron’s upcoming Avatar films, for teh lulz.

Speed Racer was actually fun, and everyone had wonderfully cartoony hair tophat-rofl|24x2              4 tophat-biggrin


You’re right! I’d forgotten about that!

I keep hearing that everyone hated it.

But all the clips I’d seen of it and the DESCRIPTIONS of it makes it sound, if not flawless, at least a whole lot of fun. The idea of trying to make a ‘live action anime’ with the super-saturated backgrounds with real actors is really appealing to me.

Thank you for reminding me. I think I’m actually going to finally track it down and watch it tonight.


I don’t care what the internet said, I liked the live action Cowboy Bebop. Unless you want to consider anime a distinct genre from cartoons.


I envy you seeing it for the first time. Be sure to watch it on the largest screen and best sound system you can. It’s indescribably wonderful, and the hallucinagenic, cathartic release that the ending provides is like nothing I’ve experienced in a movie.

I like The Matrix a lot, but Speed Racer is the Wachowski’s masterpiece.


Mom and I LOAO, and mom esp loved the hair. I completely agreed, but the IRL Mach 5 was my true love tophat-biggrin

I always thought the Mach 5 was sexy, and I had a crush on Speed Racer when I was a little girl.

That reminds me…

I joined a friend in taking a series of busses over the course of eight hours in August of 1992, so she could visit the famous, [now sadly late & much lamented] blasted-heath-edge-of-Hollywood Eddie Brandt’s Saturday Matinee what rented obscure videos.

I’m not kidding about the blasted heath bit: beyond the piles of junk/parking lot behind the building loomed desert and a junkyard. Both encroached on the store: tiny piles of sand on the floor rose like little tornadoes in the hot puffs of air which passed as breezes, it was at least 95°F inside, and a fine sandy dust lay on almost everything. Crumpled bits of paper and other small trash hung out in sandy, dusty corners and other places where the ‘breezes’ had deposited them, echoing the outdoor junk piles and junkyard.

They had every weird movie you can think of - not just Yankistani ones - and so many more that you can’t.

Our route took us through the LA Zoo, which I found curious and delightful. The bus even stopped to pick up a passenger in the zoo, a zoo employee. He sat near and chatted with the driver during his brief ride, which happily gave me the chance to stare at him Parisienne-stylée.

The zoo employee looked exactly like Speed Racer. My friend was as shocked by the resemblance as I when I pointed him out.

He had nice legs, and twinkly eyes.

I never saw him smile though, not once.


Shazam was excellent.

Point Agree GIF by Ford


This I shall do! Once I get done working I will give it my undivided attention.

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All right!

I watched Speed Racer last night and it was awesome!

Thank you for reminding me it existed.


You’re welcome!

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